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  1. She Wanna Go
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By Rich Tycoon (feat. Dot Goodie & Rux)
Written by Richie Hampton, Charles Barker, S. Wilson
Release Date: 1-22-2013
Produced by Indecent the Slapmaster

She was feelin' lonely-she came here with her homie
Now she all on me-Now she wanna go
This way-that-a-way...This way-that-a-way
This way-that-a-way...This way-that-a-way

Verse 1 - (Rich Tycoon)
I got a room at the Best Inn
We here to work up out this bitch-no question
I don't even call it pimpin'-my investment
She pay me well 'cause I treat her like a blessing
She caught a case-she didn't give up no confession
'Cause she a player-she respect the profession
And furthermore-I respect her selection
She chose me-I guess she see I was a veteran-yeah I'm a veteran
I'm nice with my hustling
The same ol' g from '93 screaming out fuck the government
Guaranteed lady-I'm the right man to hustle with
The other busters-really they be leaning on that sucka shit
Now be it said lil mama so sweet I call her honey dip
That pussy tight like a money clip
We get bread from her head-all night on the strip
Some trick loved it so much he left a rack for a tip


Verse 2 - (Dot Goodie)
We stepped in the spot about a quarter to 12-see
Rux off of that Birdie juice and Rich just ordered some Belvie
And me-I'm on my level man-I'm all in my zone
Back of the club-rolling medicinal-all on my own
That's when I spotted her, damn-adjusted my binoculars
Dancing by the bar with her partners
I wasn't really trippin'-I just thought that it was kinda sexy how
They was half naked-taking body shots of vodka
We in this thang thick-taking pictures
That's when she tapped me on my shoulder-asked if she could hit my swisher
I told her it's official-then she asked when we was wiggling
'Cause she too drunk to drive and her girlfriend's trippin'
Couple shots of Ciroc-and a couple puffs of these cookies
She ain't worried about her partner-she rockin' with Team Goodie
She say she got a dude and she don't want him to know
That I met her at a show-and now she ready to go


Verse 3 - (Rux)
In this thang thang thick-it's a lot of 'em
Big cups but you can't drink out of 'em
That's the visual-soon I get to walkin in
At the same time they walking in
My homegirl and a few friends
Couple 9.5's but no 10's
GIve the dj a couple more spins
The let this birdie juice kick in
All on me-and didn't even know me
But she was feelin' lonely, plus I met her through the homie
Locked up on my elbow-talkin' about she ready to go
But I'm just sayin' tho