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Everything You Need is smooth hip hop at it's finest. Rich Tycoon expresses his feelings for the woman he's caught up in a love triangle with. Featured on the chorus is Lasro from Rich Tycoon's song Ease My Pain. | Produced by Keem Beats


Everything U Need
Written by: Rich Tycoon aka Richie Hampton on 11-15-12
Featuring: Lasro
Music by: Keembeats
Recorded at: The Slap Cave in Vallejo, CA
Mixed by: Indecent the Slapmaster
Mastered by: Justin Weis for Traxworx

(Verse 1)
I didn't even have to tell her I'm a go-getta
And I could tell she was a queen like Coretta
She wasn't looking for a fling-not when I met her
Yeah, when I met her-the answer to that was never
I wasn't trippin' tho-I didn't really sweat her
I had a feelin' tho-her nights could be better
I was chillin' tho-like ice in Denver
Hopin' one of these nights-she might surrender
My hopes- they came true-one night in December
She had a little attitude-that's what I remember
I slid up on her in attempts to tempt her
I'm guessing that it worked-'cause tonight I'm with her

I just wanna give you everything that you need
I don't wanna give you nothin' you don't want...
Nothin' you don't want...
I just wanna give you everything that you need
I don't wanna give you nothin' you don't want...
Everything you need...

(Verse 2)
All of the above-that's despite her man
She got a son-so it's despite her fam
I'm in her face like-we on facebook-timeline highlight
And I'm her taste like icing on the cake-right
Sweet-but real love ain't cheap
She start trippin'-I give her a little space for 'bout a week
Yeah 6 days later she'll be calling me
I'm in her system-what's meant to be will always be
It ain't pimpin'-I can't describe it-it's a feelin' we feelin'
We can't deny it-or hide it-it's too revealing
Yeah, everybody can see it
So why we sitting here acting like we keeping a secret


(Verse 3)
I can't lie girl-sometimes I be wondering
Are we really in love-or are we just fuckin'
When will it end for us sinful lovers
This affair could destroy our significant others
Even though we do-it appears we don't care
You at home in the tub sending pics to me here
I'm wanting to be there-but I can't be there
I want you all for myself-but I'm guessing that I'll share