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All Eyez on Me Movie Review 

Saw #AllEyezOnMe Thurs nite. Seemed like a review of what I already knew about 2 Pac, but it was still cool to see 'his story' on the big screen. 

For me the movie confirmed my thoughts that Pac was a lonely man who few people truly knew, and those who had close run-ins, dealings, or relationships with him really only knew who he was at that moment, in that situation, and under those circumstances. We all know that people are much deeper than moments, eras, and phases. I would have definitely wanted the story to be more in depth, but like I said above, who really knew Pac enough to tell his story? 

As far as entertainment goes? I'd pay to watch it again, but for me it represents realer times and deeper more political rhymes. I get to relive the era and update my thoughts and opinions on certain incidents. 

On a side note: Did anybody notice that Suge Knight fcked up hip-hop in 2 out of the 2 movies that he's been portrayed in? Ijs. 

Summary: If you like music movies, you've got a couple of hours to kill, and a spare $20 (snacks included) then why not go see All Eyez on Me. If not, just wait to see it for free. You'll see it. One of these days. At somebody's house. *nods* Tupac was that big!

Can't wait until the better one drops.

- Rich Tycoon -


I also posted this blog on Facebook. Check out some of the comments in the post below. Pretty interesting opinions.  Your thoughts?


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